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Chloe & Brady Chat
Nadia Bjorlin & Kyle Lowder Chat Transcript

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Days of our Lives' Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Kyle Lowder (Brady) April 11, 2001
Nadia: Hey everyone, this is Nadia. How are you doing tonight?
Kyle: Hey this is Kyle. Welcome to the 'Kyle and Nadia' chat on this fine Wednesday!

ynrfan2001: How do you like working with each other?
Nadia: It is a pleasure to work with Kyle.
Kyle: Nadia is a very gifted and talented actress. We have a lot of great chemistry.

sweet_girl08: First I want to tell Kyle "HI" and I wanted to ask him if it's hard to walk on those canes and shuffle his feet at the same time?
Kyle: Yes it is very difficult. To be carrying around crutches and canes it can be kind of a hassle.

tomdebg: Are there any actors on Days you want to work with that you haven't had storylines with yet?
Kyle: Joe Mascolo.
Nadia: I've gotten to work with a lot of people. I love working with different people.
Kyle: Stefano and Brady have in common that they've always worked to destroy John and Marlena.

sam171_2000: Nadia do you predict a storyline involving Chloe and Stefano and do you believe that Stefano is your dad?
Nadia: I really don't know who my dad is. It has been kept secret. I've been doing a lot of scenes with Stefano and with Victor, John Black - pretty much every man in Salem just to confuse the heck out of people.

tomdebg: Kyle, does that staircase in Marlena's penthouse go anywhere?
Kyle: Oh, that's clever! It goes up! It goes up to a second floor landing however and there is just a hallway, there are no rooms upstairs.
Nadia: There's more upstairs than there is upstairs at the Wesley house that's for sure. I don't know how many times Chloe has run up and down those stairs and there's nothing there.

marvanne2001: There have been rumors on the net that Isabella is alive. How do you think Brady would react if Isabella came back into his life?
Kyle: Well, first of all I would love for that to happen, even if she came back as a ghost/spirit, just to calm him down a little bit. I think if the character of Isabella did come back he would mellow out a little bit. She's such a huge force in his life. He wouldn't have a reason to be angry anymore and Brady would kind of be boring. If Isabella came back, Brady's work would be done, Marlena would be gone. His goal is to get Marlena out of John's life. And if Isabella came back it would create a situation where John would be torn.

youngbradysgirl: What is the best thing about acting?
Kyle: Getting to pretend for a living.
Nadia: Getting to do what we absolutely love every single day.
Kyle: Every child likes to play and pretend. It's very fun and to do it for a living is a true gift.
Nadia: Kyle likes to pretend...

inyoureyes_chris: Nadia, how far will the thing go?
Nadia: I don't know. It's going to go pretty far as far as I know. I've already taped a couple of shower scenes and let's leave it at that, bubbles had to be strategically placed, daytime television! Chloe is going to have a rough time.

lindsaybeth2000: Kyle, what is your relationship with Deidre Hall in real life?

Kyle: Oh, it's so great! D and I get along very, very well. There is a good amount of respect that I have for her. We've really developed a very nice, professional working relationship. We have some very intense scenes and when we're done we laugh and give each other a hug. We get along very well.

youngbradysgirl: Kyle, do you have a girlfriend?
Kyle: I was waiting for that question! I'm married, actually. No I'm kidding. I'm single.

lindsaybeth2000: Nadia, how did you feel about doing your "almost" sex scene?
Nadia:Cool, bring it on! No, I'm just kidding. Obviously there is some degree of shyness and feeling uncomfortable. It was good being able to do it (no pun intended there) with Jay Johnson because we're such great friends and we're so close. It made it a lot easier. We're comfortable around each other.

tomdebg: Kyle, press before your first appearance said you were a model, did you do print ads?
Kyle: I did an Abercrombie and Fitch national campaign and a Speedo campaign and a lot of runway work, too.

youngbradysgirl: What is the best way to get started in acting?
Nadia: Keep doing it. Try to get as much experience as possible. Theatre, School. If you want to get into it professionally you have to obviously get an agent.
Kyle: Nadia is definitely right there. You have to keep at it. Definitely you need the passion for it to endure the amount of stress and work it takes to make a living out of this. You need determination and to keep the faith. You can lose every single material item in the world (even lose your mind), but as long as you have your faith, it will push you through.

Jizzy_Stradlin: How's it working with Drake? What's he like?
Kyle: I wish that everyone in the world could meet him. There is something wrong with you if you don't like him. He is like a 14 year old kid in a grown man's body.
Nadia: He's so friendly and personable.
Kyle: He's so friendly. If I was stranded on a desert island and I could choose one person to be with it would be him 'cause he's always got something to say.
Nadia: You would choose Drake?
Kyle: Hey Nadia, I'm trying to make a point here!
Nadia: LOL.

tomdebg: Nadia, the Mimi glue in the shampoo story was great! Thanks for making me laugh! What is your favorite Chloe storyline so far?
Nadia: I don't really think I can name a favorite one. I love working with Kevin and Patrika (Craig and Nancy). It's so real, we're the perfect dysfunctional family. It's so much fun. I love the way our stuff is written.

pammy_sno: Hi Nadia and Kyle. I would first like to say Nadia you are so beautiful and Kyle you are incredibly hot. My question is What is one thing that you would like to change about your character?
Nadia: Thank you. I would love to get rid of the glasses. I really love the disturbing factor of Chloe. Her insecurities and that she has been through so much in her life, she's not the perfect little cheerleader. I wouldn't really change anything about Chloe's character. She continues to evolve socially and in other aspects. It would be the glasses.
Kyle: Well, thank you. I really enjoy and like what they're doing with Brady. There's so much to him and you really can't figure him out. Maybe one thing is he could smile a little more often. You can only be so angry for so long. The thing is he really doesn't have anyone he can trust right now. Chloe and Brady have a connection where they understand each other. There's so much going on in Brady's head and he needs to take a deep breath. He's always on edge.

ali6452: What is it like getting all of the publicity that you both get?
Kyle: Well Nadia's head is blowing up like a balloon! No, I'm just kidding.
Nadia: It's very surreal. I don't consider myself any different of a person now as before I was on the show. It's really great and the fans have been really supportive. It gives you a very good feeling when you go into work knowing these people are interested in what you do.
Kyle: Yeah, I agree. The outcome of the publicity is if you didn't have all this publicity you wouldn't know that people are supporting you and enjoying your work. The simple fact that people are there for you really gives you the motivation to give your best each and every day. Not to be corny but to bring a smile to everyone's face is a joy.

tazz01850: Nadia: I read on your website that you were in Ricky Martin's "Shake Yer Bon Bon" video--how did that happen?
Nadia: Let's just say I can shake my bon bon really well. It was just another audition. It was a dancing audition and I really love to dance, that's been one of my passions. I wish Chloe could dance on the show.

tomdebg: Kyle, Brady is always angry. Do you find it hard to leave that emotion on the set at the end of the day?
Kyle: Not at all. Like I said before, I'm living in the land of make-believe. In hair and makeup is where Kyle is left.
Nadia: I have to say that's true. Kyle is nothing like his character. He doesn't leave himself at home but he doesn't stay angry after scenes. It's very cute, he's always apologizing before and after.
Kyle: All I'm trying to say is I do have definite control and hold on keeping Brady angry and me how I am.
Nadia: That's like me and Patrika. I'm always apologizing to her before.
Kyle: If Deidre Hall and I are gonna do a scene, we do a few readings and laugh about it and say 'Here we go!' But when they do the countdown and the scene gets underway your brain switches into character mode. As soon as they cut, your back in reality and you're able to take a couple deep breaths.
Nadia: He hasn't lost his mind completely yet!

themadam24: Nadia you have a great voice. Do you sing professionally or did you have to take classes?
Nadia: My life started as a musician and singer. It's the first thing I did at six years old. I played classical piano and the flute. I even studied the harp for awhile. It eventually segued into musical theatre then theatre and worked its way into television. I have sung professionally before which was obviously very helpful in getting this role. I sang professionally with an opera company in Florida and in New York and at a performing arts school. I'd definitely been around the block with my singing before I ended up on the show. The ironic thing is that I was accepted to Juliard for the opera program but accepted this role instead and to attend Juliard after she finishes high school is Chloe's ultimate dream.

lpietramala: Being that Brady and Chloe are getting some pretty deep roots in Salem where would you like to see your character going in the next five years(even if your not still with the show)?
Nadia: I would like to take over the entire town. I would like to run the Titan empire. (giggles)
Kyle: Well, I guess from Brady's standpoint, in a perfect world Marlena would be out of his life. It's hard to say. He's so bitter to everyone and has such an attitude it's tough to tell where he wants to be in a few years. He pretty much lives day to day, getting by with his short term goal to get Marlena out of his life.

pacocamara: Hi, I'm Francisco, from Spain (3 a.m.) What has been your most difficult scene in Days?
Nadia: Francisco, that is dedication. My most difficult scene was probably all of this rape stuff, or false rape stuff. When I was on the ground with Patrika, with Nancy I should say, on the roadside. These scenes have probably been the hardest because they've taken the longest to do. They've taken hours everyday and have been extremely emotionally taxing. It's been the first time I've had to keep that feeling going for so, so long. I've definitely had similar scenes but not being tasked like this, crying all day.
Kyle: I would have to say the scenes where Brady was shot in the diner, in the shoulder and the back. Then, the scenes that followed that when I was on the ground. First and foremost because it took a long time. Very technical details and fake blood all over the place. So you have all the technical stuff and then there's Brady whose been shot twice, once in the shoulder at point blank range. As an actor you're thinking 'I've never been shot before, I've never known anyone who has been shot before.' So to create that entire situation of being shot and then writhing in pain and make it seem believable without making it too over the top, there's a fine line to be walked. That whole sequence by far was the most difficult. Then Brady was drugged up in the hospital, yet sarcastic with his parents and not too together while I still had to maintain the fact that I had just been shot and was extremely p.o.'d.
Nadia: On behalf of the whole cast though I'd have to say that the hardest stuff this year was the coronation.

manders338: Nadia and Kyle, are you two attending the Daytime Emmy Awards in May?
Nadia: I am presenting with Jay Johnson.
Kyle: I unfortunately will not be attending. I will be in the New York area visiting my family and watching Nadia on television.

tomdebg: Kyle, who helped you learn the ropes when you first came on the set?
Kyle: Two people, most definitely Drake and Deidre. From the very first day I learned so much from them. They taught me everything like how to hit my marks on the floor. They quite simply are pros and know what they are doing and extremely professional. And who better to learn the ropes from than those two.

blackestyearsofmylife: What is the square root of 144?
Nadia:I have no idea but I think it is 7. I was awful at math.
Kyle: 12!

dergie: Don't you two think it would be great to have a musical episode of Days, where all the characters sing their way through the entire hour?
Nadia: I would be up for that completely.
Kyle: My entire background was in musical theatre and performing. It would be very amusing.
Nadia: It might be really cheesy.

tazz01850: Do you know who Chloe's father might be? I have a feeling it has something to do with some sort of incest with Nancy--what are your thoughts on the subject, and do you think/know if they will ever reveal it?
Nadia: That might be a possibility. I'm not really thinking grandfather but uncle or something like that. Maybe from her family. That's why she can't talk to her father about it. I honestly don't know.

kerinhoffman: Nadia, when will you slap Nancy again?
Nadia: I don't know. Not for a while. Obviously I'm not on good terms with her but I don't think she's going to do anything for a while that will bring me to that point. It's very hard for me to hit Patrika though, that last slap was very real, it left a red mark on her face. But Patrika really wanted it that way, she was really trying to egg me on, to get me angry at her so the slap would be for real. It was hard, but I just went for it, I really slugged her!

kyle_is_2_hott: Hey Kyle and Nadia! What is your favorite fan experience so far?
Nadia: I have different favorite fan experiences. Depending on where I am in the country I have favorite fan experiences. Because I'm able to travel and see all the different places and towns that I would never have the opportunity to see if I wasn't on the show. I find myself having fun in all the different places I'm invited to. This past November at the Fan Fest in Orlando, the official one, the big Universal one, was a lot of fun because I got to travel with most of my cast members which I usually don't do, I usually go by myself or with one other person. That was a very fun experience because it was us being mostly out of our element. Being altogether and having fun in a different state, bonding in different ways and getting a chance to spend time with each other in a way that we usually don't on the set, that was a lot of fun.
Kyle: I have a few exciting ones coming up. I will be at Salem Fest in Illinois and am very excited about that. Plus I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri so I think my extended family will come out and visit. Also on Saturday April 21 is the basketball came, check the Days' website (fan events) for details. Basketball was never really my forte but I am practicing and I will kick some major butt.

eatmypeach31092: Are there any real sparks between you guys?
Nadia: Sparks as in gasoline? Just kidding. Kyle is definitely one of my best friends. He is genuinely a kind person. But that's what we are, just really good friends.
Kyle: Nadia and I are neighbors, I can actually walk down the street to her house. I moved to my new place after I got on the show and we developed a nice friendship off-set. We both have a long day at work then we'll just chill out and have some popcorn and watch a movie.
Nadia: Kyle loves to play video games with my brother.
Kyle: Of course, her brother has a Sega Dreamcast. I love to go over there and use Nadia to get to her brother to play video games.

sabrina_and_bob: Do you think Brady will find love with anyone this year? It seems such a waste to leave him single.
Kyle: Well, let me think here. I do definitely think that Brady needs somebody. He's way too worked up with everything in his head. A lady friend would be kind of good for him. But speaking from Brady's perspective, a girlfriend might not be a good idea. He's got way too much going on. Coming up will be the Last Blast Dance Pt. II and Mimi will ask Brady to the dance and his answer is still unknown.

rodeoqueen08: Nadia, is Jay as hot in real life as he is on TV?
Nadia: Yes. He is a very good looking guy on and off screen. It's pretty sickening how perfect he looks that's why my nickname for him is James Dean.

bopper46307: What are your hobbies?
Nadia: I have no life outside of the show. My hobby is sleeping.
Kyle: Nadia likes to sit on the couch and eat potato chips.
Nadia: No, I eat ice cream in my free time and I go to sleep. We don't really have much free time.
Kyle: I picked up an old hobby that I had in high school. I went out last month and bought some souped up, high-tech roller blades and three hockey pucks and a stick because I used to play hockey a long time ago. I needed a hobby where I could get some exercise. In our spare time, we do have to exercise as much as I can.
Nadia: Kyle likes to exercise as much as he can.
Kyle: I work out as much as time permits. I do, in my mind, try and go as much as I can.
Nadia: Kyle is just genetically blessed.

kaylee_koshar: Kyle is it true that you have your life guard license?
Kyle: I did. I was certified and re-certified. I was certified lifeguard, RTE, WSI and CPR.
Nadia: Kyle has a license to wear a Speedo.
Kyle: I was certified pool lifeguard and waterfront as well.

faolvr: Will you both be at the 'Breakfast with Friends' with Austin and Kate in Burbank, California in June?
Nadia: I'm not sure. I had a previous obligation that same day. It will be in L.A. so hopefully I will make it but if I do I won't be able to stay the entire time. We'll see.
Kyle: I on the other hand, will be making an appearance. I will be there.

white_wolf1423: Kyle, do you find it odd that even though your character is 19 that Brady was actually born in 1992?
Kyle: I know that I'm big for my age! I do have to say I did not know when Brady was a little kid on the show. When I found out was when one crew guy told me that that last year I was seven years old and now I'm 19.

cherrynib102: Nadia, will Phillip and Chloe last?
Kyle: Not if I can help it!
Nadia: I think so. I really do. It's going to be hard. But do you mean forever, or through the next year? I think for anybody at 16, 17 it's pretty tough to say that they will last forever. It's happened and people do it but I don't know. There will be trials and tribulations for sure.
Kyle: Brady will definitely do his best to keep them away from each other. Down the road his efforts to keep them apart will probably lead to him being more attached to Chloe.

rees87: What's it like working with Kirsten Storms, Jason Cook, and Farah Fath? Which are you guys closest to?
Nadia: It's fun to all work together. We're all very silly together. We enjoy each other's company and our different personalities sort of mesh together and we have a lot of fun. I love doing scenes with Farah (Mimi) 'cause it's so unreal that it's very funny and we're such good friends in real life, we take it more lightly. It's fun to do the high school stuff and be on those sets even if we're supposed to hate each other on screen or not. Who am I closest to? It may be because we work together the most but I'm definitely closest to Kyle and Jay, out of the younger cast.
Kyle: I would have to say that Kirsten and I are extremely close because of the amount of work we've had together on screen, including the train track rescue last October. As Nadia said we all mesh together very well, we all have very different personalities and we like to have a lot of fun together. They're a really good bunch of people and we do have fun. But from the sheer amount of work together that Kirsten and I do we've gotten a real brother/sister relationship off-camera as well as on.

labidebones83: I wanted to tell you both that I'm happy that there are finally people on a soap who are not the most popular in town and not the most perfect. How does it feel playing these characters and how do you deal with knowing that you're not the most popular and perfect?
Nadia: That's the story of my life honey, that's the answer! No, I love it, I think I mentioned it a couple times before, it's a lot of fun and it's really great to play someone who is really misunderstood and really has all the insecurities of a true adolescent and hates their mother, and doesn't understand love and doesn't understand people and has trouble in school and I hope that someone along the line can empathize with that and get something out of it that's supportive and reassuring. I get letters from highschool students saying stuff like 'I really love how you stood up to so and so, keep the faith, keep doing what you're doing.' I love not being perfect, I enjoy every moment of it.
Kyle: I definitely have to agree with a lot of that just from the sense that when you play the types of roles that we play, we play adolescents who are very true to life. At times we can be popular and have a great time but I believe that Chloe and Brady obviously have a lot of issues that need to be worked out. It can be boring to always be perfect and the good guy. Nadia: Kyle likes playing imperfect Brady because he's really perfect in real life....
Kyle: Oh, thank you. I'll just wrap it up by saying that I guess I just enjoy playing someone who has so much conflict and who brings so much antagonism to the table. The Black family was so perfect and Brady comes home and drops a bomb on the entire situation. It makes the story more interesting and the work more interesting for me. I like what they've done so far.

Nadia: Well everyone it's been a lot of fun. Thank you so much for joining us during this chat. Especially you Francisco for being awake at four in the morning, more power to you there in Spain. And if anybody's interested, feel free to check out my website which is I read everything that people put up on the message boards and post some of my own on occasion, it's a great way to keep in touch. Good night!

Kyle: Thank you everyone for coming to the chat tonight. I understand that we didn't get to everyone's questions, but I do read all my mail. I was just informed of the sheer amount of questions we received tonight! I'm sorry that Nadia and I couldn't answer every single question however I just wanna say that I do personally read every single fan letter and do visit my website every single day and visit all the Yahoo clubs. I do read everything you write and we're sorry we couldn't answer all your questions tonight. To all of you out there your support and encouragement does not by any means go unnoticed. Thank you so much for being here, and we'll see you in Salem!