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Deidre as Marlena

ABOUT DEIDRE ~ Deidre Hall originally joined 'Days of Our Lives' as the compassionate Dr. Marlena Evans on June 21, 1976. She has earned three Emmy Award nominations and three People's Choice Award nominations for her work on 'Days of Our Lives.' Deidre, and her twin sister Andrea, were born in Milwaukee and raised in Florida. She is married to novelist Steve Sohmer, and they have two children.

BIRTHDAY ~ Deidre's birthday is October 31.

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WEBSITE ~ Click here to visit Deidre's Official Website

ABOUT MARLENA ~ Name: Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black
Parents: Frank & Martha Evans
Siblings: A twin sister Samantha (deceased)
Marital Status: Married Don Craig, and got divorced. Married Roman Brady, and got divorced. Married Eugene Bradford, but the marriage was invalid due to the fact that Roman was still alive even though Marlena thought he was dead. Currently married to John Black.
Children: A son Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. (died from SIDS). Twins Samantha Gene Brady & Eric Roman Brady. And another daughter Isabella Black.