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Days Games
Days Games

Click on a heading below to play that game. These are all Days of Our Lives oriented games. I will try to change them at least once a month. Make sure you bookmark this page or the main page, so you can come back when you're done playing. Enjoy!!

Days Word Jumble

This is a word jumble game. You have to unscramble the words to form words that pertain to Days of Our Lives. There are 20 different words to unscramble.

Days Hangman

This is a hangman game. All the words have to do with Days of Our Lives. There is a clue to help you figure out the word. There are 20 different words and/or phrases.

Days Word Search

This is a word search game. You can print it out and do it or just look at it online and do it, but it's not interactive like the other games.

Days Challenge Board

This is a game similar to JeopardyŽ. You can play with a friend or alone. There are 4 different categories to choose from, with 4 different questions in each category.

Days Crossword Puzzle

This is a crossword puzzle. You can print it out and play it also, or you can do it online. It is interactive. There are 13 questions total

Days Pop Up Game

This game is a multiple choice game. You read the sentence and there will be a pop up of choices where you need to fill in the correct answer. There are 10 questions total.

Days Relatives T or F Quiz

This is a true or false quiz. There are 10 questions in the quiz and they all pertain to who is related to who in Salem.

Days Cryptogram

This is a Days cryptogram puzzle. The answer is at the bottom of the page so don't scroll down too far.

Days Matching & Concentration Game

This is a matching game and a concentration game. It's a Java game so I'm not sure how it works since webtv is not Java enabled. If someone with Java plays it and it's awful please let me know so I can remove it. Thanks