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Jason as Shawn

ABOUT JASON ~ Daytime television newcomer Jason Cook couldn't have asked for better 'soap opera' genes. His character, Shawn-D, is the heir apparent to one of television's most beloved super-couples, Bo and Hope, on NBC's number-one daytime drama, 'Days of our Lives.' Jason resides with his family in Los Angeles, California. His father, Bill, is an engineer who constructs rides for amusement parks and his mother, JoAnn, is a pre-school teacher and 'devoted Mom.'

BIRTHDAY ~ Jason's birthday is September 13

EMAIL ~ ??


ABOUT SHAWN ~ Name: Shawn Douglas Brady
Parents: Hope & Bo Brady
Siblings: Half brother to Issac Carver, but thinks he's JT's half brother
Marital Status: Never married, not dating.
Children: None