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Kyle as Brady

ABOUT KYLE ~ Daytime television newcomer Kyle Lowder portrays rebellious Brady Black, back from boarding school with an attitude. Lowder was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but his family moved to Pleasantville, New York in Westchester County when Kyle was six years old. During his senior year of high school, Kyle decided that performing arts was truly his passion over sports and was accepted into the prestigious Syracuse University Drama Department. After the first semester of his sophomore year, Kyle flew to Los Angeles to participate in a series of workshops and showcases for actors. The response from agents and managers was overwhelming, so much in fact that Kyle decided upon a leave of absence from college to stay in Los Angeles to follow his dream. Kyle has two younger brothers, Travis and Cameron. Kyle's father, Craig, is the director of communications for IBM and his mother, Susan, teaches middle school

BIRTHDAY ~ His birthday is August 27th

EMAIL ~ ??

WEBSITE ~ Click here to visit Kyle's Official Website

ABOUT BRADY ~ Name: Brady Victor Black
Parents: John & Isabella Black
Siblings: Half brother to Belle Black and Isaac Carver, but he's unaware of Isaac being his half brother
Marital Status: Never married, not dating
Children: None