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Lauren as Kate

ABOUT LAUREN ~ Lauren Koslow joined the cast of 'Days of Our Lives' as Kate Roberts in January 1996. A Boston native, Koslow attended the University of Massachusetts and later transferred to Virginia State University. She earned a degree in theater arts, specializing in costume design. Koslow is married to makeup artist Nick Schillace, and they have two children, Zachary and Milli Kate. Koslow enjoys traveling, painting and taking care of her pets: three dogs, a cat, two lizards, chickens, two pet rats, three horses, a pony, and last but not least a bird with an attitude. Koslow is also featured on the popular CD-ROM game 'Zork Nemisis,' where she plays the exotic temptress Sophia.

BIRTHDAY ~ Lauren's birthday is March 29.

EMAIL ~ You can email Lauren at


ABOUT KATE ~ Name: Katherine Elizabeth Reed Roberts Kiriakis
Parents: ??
Siblings: ??
Marital Status: Married Curtis Reed. Married Victor Kiriakis, but it was invalid since Curtis was still alive although he was believed to be dead.
Children: Austin Reed, Billie Holiday Reed, Lucas Roberts, and Phillip Kiriakis.