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Melissa as Jennifer

ABOUT MELISSA ~ After a five-year absence, Melissa Reeves triumphantly returns to Days of our Lives and the role of Jennifer Horton, one of daytime television's most beloved characters. Born and raised in Eatontown, New Jersey, Melissa grew up in a close family environment, which included her father, Lawrence Brennan, her mother, Marion, and her older brother David. Melissa relocated to Los Angles and graduated from high school while appearing on Santa Barbara, but after only one year on the show, she was released from her contract when the Perkins family was written off the canvass. In September of 1985, one month after leaving Santa Barbara, Melissa landed the role of Jennifer Horton on Days of our Lives, a role that earned her four Soap Opera Awards and a place amongst television's most beloved heroines. Melissa met her husband, actor Scott Reeves, when he joined the cast of Days. At the time, they were both involved with other people and there were no romantic sparks. Sometime later, however, Scott invited Melissa to a party and on their first date, it was clearly love at first sight. The couple became engaged one month later and they married on March 23, 1990. Scott, who currently stars as Ryan on The Young and the Restless, and Melissa recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. They currently reside in the San Fernando Valley with their eight year old daughter, Emily, and their three-year-old son, Larry.

BIRTHDAY ~ Her birthday is March 14

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WEBSITE ~ Click here to visit Melissa's Official Website

ABOUT JENNIFER ~ Name: Jennifer Horton Deveraux
Parents: Bill & Laura Horton
Siblings: A half-brother Michael Horton
Marital Status: Married Lawrence Alamain, marriage was annuled. Married Peter Blake, got divorced. Married Jack Deveraux, got divorced
Children: Jack and Jen have a daughter, Abigal Joanna Deveraux