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Sneak Peeks
Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks for the week of December 3-7, 2001

~ John is determined to protect Hope from Lexie and Stefano

~ John tells Lexie she better not hurt Hope

~ Austin pledges his love and life to Sami

~ John tries to scare Lexie straight

~ Marlena and Belle make up

~ Hope panics when she has memories of Gina

~ Mimi confronts Cynthia about her date with Philip

~ Phillip warns Chloe to stay away from Brady

~ On the day of her party, Lexie receives news from Stefano

~ Dr. Rolf readies his equipment to transform Hope into Princess Gina

~ Chloe has orders for Brady and Phillip

~ Marlena is relieved to find out the truth about Belle

~ Nicole refuses to allow Sami to have Austin

~ Victor begins to not like Nicole and Austin's relationship

~ Phillip and Chloe face off

~ Chloe and Brady argue

~ Brady and Phillip argue over Chloe

~ Chloe and Nancy have a heart-to-heart talk

~ Rolfe and Lexie discuss the plan to turn Hope into Gina

~ As the party begins, Lexie begins to lose it