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Daily Recaps
Daily Recaps

Monday November 12, 2001

Lexie continues to worry about the Barb situation, but Rolf tells her they have bigger problems. He chastises her for bringing Brandon, an outsider, into all of this. Lexie puts on her "lady of the manner" tone and dismisses Rolf as the doorbell rings. It's Brandon. Lexie tells him everything as Rolf listens outside the door. Brandon advises Lexie not to give Barb another penny and to let the chips fall where they may. Lexie says she won't risk her son but Brandon counters with the fact that Barb could get the money and then tell Glen and Hope anyway. Lexie vows that she'll never let that happen, even if she has to kill Barb. Brandon is shocked. A hysterical Barb heads home and reveals to Glen that she is pregnant with their baby. Glen worries how they will pay for everything because people have been getting laid off at his job. Barb pulls out the $5,000 and informs a shocked Glen that money is no longer an issue. Meanwhile at the Brady Pub, Bo and JT are visiting with Caroline when an enraged Elizabeth storms in looking for Colin. Bo manages to get Caroline out of the way by saying that JT needs a diaper change, then he gets down to business. Bo invites Elizabeth to have a cup of coffee with him while she waits for Colin. After some verbal sparing, Bo wears Elizabeth down and she agrees to stay. Bo then proceeds to pump Elizabeth for information on Colin and discovers that Colin was involved in some sort of under ground movement in Ireland. Caroline's return with JT is ill-timed, Bo is finally finding some answers and is forced to stop. Philip runs into Jason at Dot com and is highly offended when Jason tells him that everyone believes that Philip is a whipped wimp. Philip starts to object, but then realizes that Jason is right, Chloe did run the show. Cynthia flirts shamelessly with Philip and Jason remarks that if he did happen to want Chloe back, he should take Cynthia to the movies on Saturday night. Philip considers this. Belle and Shawn return to the penthouse to find Brady and Chloe doing what they do best, fighting. Belle is relieved to see that some things haven't changed. Shawn remarks to Brady that since he and Belle are now boyfriend and girlfriend, Brady should get a date and double with them sometime. Chloe cuttingly remarks that'll be tough, who would date Brady? Brady says that his idea of a date, Nicole, wouldn't fit in with Belle and Shawn anyway. Belle warns Brady against dating Nicole and suggests that Brady take Chloe to the movies. Brady blows this off and leaves the room. Belle asks Chloe if she would have accepted, had Brady asked her. Chloe hesitates and Brady hovers around the doorway, listening for her answer.

Tuesday 11/13/01

Brandon is adamant in his belief that Lexie stop Barb in her tracks by refusing to be blackmailed. He reiterates that there is no guarantee that Barb won't bleed Lexie dry and then tell Glen and Hope the truth. Brandon tells Lexie that she should confide in Abe because he might be Barb's next stop. Lexie is terrified that she will lose Isaac. After Brandon leaves, Rolf reveals that he's been listening all along and knows just what to do with Barb. Lexie refuses to entertain the possibility of "eliminating" Barb. Rolf tells Lexie to give Barb what she wants and then leave town with Abe and Isaac. Lexie agrees to Rolf's plan and her anxiety returns ten fold when she learns that Barb is nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, Barb and Glen are celebrating the news of her pregnancy. Barb concocts a story to explain how she got the money out of Lexie. She tells Glen that the Carvers owe them this and much more because of what they put Glen and Barb through in Salem. Glen, who is leery of blackmail, wants to keep the 5,000 and leave it at that. He changes his mind after he misses an extra shift at work and is fired. Glen tells Barb to go for it with all she's got... Brady is listening outside the door as Belle and Shawn question Chloe about her feelings for Brady. Chloe admits that she would have accepted had Brady asked her to the movies, but only because she enjoys provoking him. Brady saunters back into the room and proceeds to spar with Chloe in such a way that Shawn calls Brady on it when they are alone. Brady denies it when Shawn mentions that Brady likes Chloe. Shawn doesn't believe him and warns him not to play games with Chloe or he'll lose her. Belle and Chloe head to Dot Com where Philip overhears them talking about Chloe's relationship with Brady. Philip is stung when he hears Belle talking about a double date. Philip then goes over to Cynthia and asks her to the movies. Jan sees this and makes sure Chloe is the first to know about it. Jack is beginning to drive Greta crazy with all his whining so she calls Harold and sets up another "run in". Greta is disheartened when Jack walks right past the new manly Harold to Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jack sees a glimmer of hope when Jennifer admits that she doesn't want to lose him. Jack jumps on this but Jennifer insists that she only meant that he's a part of her life. Jack presses the issue further but is interrupted by the arrival of Brandon. Jack's competitive instincts kick in and he kisses Greta!

Wednesday 11/14/01

Chloe runs out of Dot Com and Philip moves to follow but Cynthia intercepts him. Philip, staying true to his plan of using Cynthia to make Chloe jealous, lets Cynthia hang all over him. Chloe sees this from outside and runs off to Salem Place with Belle. They pass Shawn and Brady who become concerned about Chloe when Belle says they don't have time to talk. At Salem Place Chloe breaks down and cries, admitting that she still has feelings for Philip. Meanwhile, back at Dot Com, Shawn confronts Philip about Cynthia and insists that Philip's making a big mistake. Philip sticks with his plan and shrugs it off. After Shawn goes to speak with Jan, Brady moves in and warns his Uncle PhilĚ against playing head games with Chloe. Philip is upset when he realizes that Brady has feelings for Chloe. Brady catches up with the girls and asks Chloe to the movies on Saturday. As friends. Belle is shocked when Chloe agrees to go. Greta is fighting some strong feelings of her own as Jack kisses her passionately. To Jack's immense disappointment, Jennifer isn't watching. Greta tells Jack that he should be that passionate with a man. He shouldn't deny what he really wants. Jack is adamant, says that's something he'll never do. ¬†Greta later realizes that Jack has never "done it" with a man. ¬†Greta is more determined than ever to get Harold and Jack together and sees the perfect opportunity when Jack invites her to the movies on Saturday. For Jack, it's the chance to spy on Jennifer's date, but for Greta it's something else entirely. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Brandon are opening up to each other. They are caught up in the newness of their relationship and all the tender feelings that go with it. Jack sees this and is seriously perturbed. He covers his feelings, and after Brandon leaves, Jack and Jennifer walk home together, still connected despite their problems...

Thursday 11/15/01

Just when it seems like Chloe might actually be on the verge of happiness, she sees Philip with Cynthia and shuts down. Nancy remarks that being around Brady puts Chloe in a good mood, unlike the time she spent with Philip. Chloe absorbs this and admits she still loves Philip, which is why things are so hard. Chloe spends the day trying to run from her pain. She doesn't even confide in Belle when she comes across Belle and Shawn in the park. Chloe stops running, however, when she arrives at the skating pond where Philip first declared his love for her. She realizes that she and Philip weren't meant to be. Brady (who spent the better part of the morning trying to convince John, and himself, that he and Chloe are just friends) runs up as Chloe struggles to control her emotions. He's concerned because Belle and Shawn told him that Chloe was upset. Chloe turns to Brady and tells him that she can't go out with him tonight. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn are wrapped up in each other. They spend the day at the park enjoying the first snowfall. They aren't the only couple who find the glistening of the snow romantic; Sami and Austin are there as well. Sami is thrilled when Austin tells her that he believes they can have a future together because Sami isn't the conniving person she once was. Austin surprises Sami by telling her it's time they picked out a ring. Will Sami's dreams finally come true? Sami's not the only one with dreams; Barb has some pretty lofty goals herself. Barb plans on living the high life, at Lexie's expense! Barb once again interrupts an argument between Lexie and Abe to deliver shocking news. She's pregnant and she and Glen plan to move to Salem! Elizabeth may be regretting her move to Salem after she realizes that Bo has been pumping her for information about the DiMera factory in Ireland. Bo, knowing that he pushed Elizabeth too hard, goes to John for help. John is leery to give it after he has a disturbing memory from his time as Stefano's mercenary.

Friday 11/16/01

Philip, determined to get his family back together, invites Kate over unbeknownst to Victor. Philip asks Nicole to leave and she does, after Victor gives her the okay. Victor then turns on Kate and berates her for manipulating him. Philip jumps in and gives an impassioned speech that concludes with him telling his father that he wants Nicole to move out and Kate to move in. Victor says that will never happen and storms out. Philip is crushed, but Kate tells him that everything is going according to plan. She advises him to play it cool with Chloe, just as she is with Victor. Austin, Sami and Will stop by the jewelry store and Sami picks out the ring she would like. Austin then goes in while Sami takes Will for ice cream. Will is happy to learn that Austin is marrying Sami, but asks if his daddy will live with them too. Sami tells Will that his daddy is still sleeping, but he's doing everything he can to get back to Will. Austin is shocked to learn that the ring is nine thousand dollars! He's about to buy it when Nicole bursts in and tells him that marrying Sami is a big mistake. Nicole relents when she realizes that Austin has his mind made up. Austin meets back up with Sami and Will, and Sami is nearly driven crazy wondering if Austin bought the ring. Nicole spots Sami as she's leaving the jewelry store but decides against confronting her. Victor arrives and assures Nicole that Kate will never be a part of his life again! He buys Nicole an expensive pair of earrings to prove how much she means to him. Belle tells Shawn that she needs to get ready for their date, but neither of them is ready to leave. She wonders if Brady caught up with Chloe yet. Shawn remarks that he doesn't think Chloe is through with Philip yet. They hear Chloe scream in the distance, and they run off to discover that Brady has lifted Chloe's spirits yet again. Shawn is convinced that Chloe is slightly crazy and Belle wonders what the future holds for the Chloe/Brady/Philip triangle.