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Susan as Julie

ABOUT SUSAN ~ Susan Seaforth Hayes, a professional actress by trade, is a historian by desire. Had she not been so talented an actress she probably would be teaching today, or writing history books. But it seems that Susan was destined to spend her life on stage and in front of the cameras. When she discovered the exciting and demanding world of soaps Susan was forced to curtail her academic work. 'Young Marrieds' (2 yrs), 'General Hospital' (1 yr), 'The Young and the Restless' (5 yrs), and 'Days of our Lives' (26 years!) She has recieved four Emmy nominations, several Best Actress Awards, and a Time Magazine cover. In 1974 Susan married her 'Days' co-star Bill Hayes.


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ABOUT JULIE ~ Name: Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams
Parents: Ben & Addie Olson
Siblings: A brother Steven Olson and a half-sister Hope Williams.
Marital Status: Married Scott Banning, and got divorced. Married Bob Anderson, and got divorced. Currently married to Doug Williams.
Children: David Banning. Step-mother to Hope Williams.