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Valerie as Fay

ABOUT VALERIE ~ Valerie Wildman portrays Fay Walker, a woman with a heart of gold despite unfortunate circumstances. Valerie was born in Miami Beach, Florida and attended Miami Beach High, where she juggled academics, theatre, and her overwhelming desire to be involved in social services. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in psychology and attended graduate school at Sonoma State in Northern California, all the while dreaming of acting and finding a way to combine drama with helping others. Valerie holds a Master's degree in Counseling and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in the "barrios" of the Cartagena mountains in Colombia. At the end of her Peace Corps tenure, Valerie backpacked through Colombia, Ecuador and the Peruvuian Andes "through hail, snow, and rainbows" and realized she wanted to expand her theatrical efforts to make a difference by developing film and television projects that "uplifted the human spirit." Thus, her production company, Wildwind Productions, was born. Upon arriving in Los Angeles after the Peace Corps, Valerie appeared in numerous films and television series, The very busy actress/producer still finds time to participate in Operation USA, a non profit medical relief organization, which has taken the actress to Mexico, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, The Philippines and the former Soviet Union to help lead relief and counseling efforts. Valerie is married and has four step-children.


EMAIL ~ ??


ABOUT FAY ~ Name: Fay Walker
Parents: ??
Siblings: ??
Marital Status: Married Paul Walker. He's in jail, and I think they are seperated or divorced
Children: A son, Brandon Walker, and two daughters, Nicole Walker, and Taylor Raines.